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Why Diversity Training Doesn’t Work and How to Overcome Unconscious Bias – Prof Iris Bohnet

Iris Bohnet changed the game with her best selling book What Works. In this episode she shared practical tactics and processes that corporations and women in corporations can use.

Diversity training does not work. So what do we do to overcome unconscious biases that keep women out of leadership roles across society? We have to change everyday processes in order to circumvent bias. Simple steps – big impact.

Bosslady Iris Bohnet is Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School and is the Director of the Women & Public Policy Program at Harvard University. A behavioral economist, she has literally written the book on de-biasing how we live, learn and work. What Works: Gender Equality By Design, a 2016 Financial Times Best Business Book of the Year and 800-CEO Business Book of the Year, provides decision-makers with scientific insights on how to redesign organizations, school and society.

During our conversation, Professor Bohnet deconstructed the unique challenges that women face in the corporate world and talked about process improvements that have been proven to yield positive results. She also gave tactical advice on how to communicate in a way that acknowledges and overcomes unconcious biases.

Whether you are a female employee trying to understand the world around you or a CEO serious about gender equality, this episode has some gems for you.